Passion for Key Lime Pies...


The sublime taste of our Award-Winning Key Lime Pie was voted in 1999 "Best in Key West" by Key Lime Festival; "2016 Best in Miami" by New Times; and "Best in Florida" by Florida Monthly Magazine for several years.

The  Key Lime Pie Factory also offers Chocolate Dipped Frozen Key Lime Pie on a Stick, Key Lime Pie Cookies, Key Lime Candies, Key Lime Rum Cakes and Gifts.



Phone:  (305) 922-2400



Seven days a week

From 9:30 am till 9:30 pm




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We make key lime pie, it’s pretty good !


Our job is to make people happy. Yes, we make amazing key lime pie with the very best, real ingredients. And yes our key lime pies are wonderful, but it’s all in the name of putting a smile on someone’s face. We’re passionate (verging on obsessive) about the creative process. Whether it’s coming up with new items or a music playlist for the store, we throw ourselves into it because that’s what we love. Although our inspiration is derived from our Italian, French and Brazilian heritage and a long history with baked goods, it is our loyal

customers who provide the real inspiration. They demand quality!

Our pies are made fresh on the premises daily. 


Tania B. - Founder and Co-owner


Tania Beguinati, a lawyer by trade, used her grandmother's Brazilian recipe — which features meringue, a crispy graham cracker crust and a filling with just the right consistency and tartness — to win Key West’s Key Lime Pie Contest in 1999.

Twenty-three years later, her pies are still winning awards.

Her store now sell about 170  items — from cookies, candies to  key lime rum cake — along with pies served with meringue or whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and even frozen slices dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.



Tania Beguinati, Co-Owner
Roberto Madeira, Co-Owner pie,best key lime pie,voted best key lime pie,key lime pie factory

Roberto Madeira. - Founder and Co-owner


" I cannot remember when was the last time I wore a pair of pants"...

After many years working as a financial consultant in Brazil, in 1999, Brazilian entrepreneurs Roberto Madeira and Tania Beguinati, husband, and wife, set foot in Key West to open Blond Giraffe, a vegetarian restaurant.

At that time, they had a neighbor, a true Conch (Key West native) for generations, that would come every day to buy their Key Lime Pies and convinced Tania and Roberto that if there would ever be a contest, they should enter because they would win. Months later, Roberto was reading the local newspaper and noticed that a Key Lime Pie Contest was being held that day.  They entered the contest at the last minute and won, 1st Place for Best Key Lime Pie in Key West, FL amongst 17 other contestants!  The next day, everyone came to the restaurant looking for Key Lime Pies and that’s when they changed their restaurant concept to become “Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory.”